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Nazli Karabiyikoglu is a novelist, poet and nomad.

Nazli Karabıyıkoğlu’s literary journey is a tapestry woven with intricate threads of gender politics, advocacy, and a unique writing style that transcends borders. Born in Ankara in 1986, she emerged as a prominent Turkish author and activist, making her mark on the literary landscape and beyond.

At the heart of Nazli’s literary exploration lies the intricate landscape of gender politics. Her works delve into the complexities of identity, sexuality, and societal norms, challenging conventions and shedding light on the struggles faced by LGBTQ+ individuals. With a fearless and compassionate pen, she empowers readers to embrace their true selves and confront the challenges of living authentically. Intriguingly, Nazli’s writings also immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Turkic mythology and myths. With a deep reverence for her heritage, she breathes new life into ancient narratives, offering fresh perspectives on mythological tales and their relevance in contemporary society. Through her words, she creates a bridge between the past and the present, inviting readers to explore the profound connections between mythology and the intricacies of human experience.

Immigration and exile have played a pivotal role in Nazli’s life and literary career. Fleeing political persecution and a hostile environment for her advocacy work, she sought refuge in Georgia in 2017. Even in this new land, she faced hostility and oppression, which further fueled her determination to champion freedom of speech and creative expression. Nazli Karabıyıkoğlu’s literary versatility knows no bounds, with works ranging from thought-provoking novels and short stories to powerful essays and articles. Her commitment to shedding light on issues often shrouded in silence has earned her international recognition and accolades.

As a feminist activist, she fights for freedom of speech and creation, drawing attention to abuses within Turkish prisons, domestic conflicts, and one of the biggest taboos in her country—homosexuality. Her advocacy extends beyond her writing, as she works tirelessly to dismantle societal barriers and amplify the voices of the marginalized. In 2020, Nazli Karabıyıkoğlu received the prestigious UNESCO City of Literature Creative Writer’s Residency in Prague, a testament to her literary prowess and commitment to cultural exchange. She also secured representation by Janklow & Nesbit Agency, a renowned literary agency, solidifying her presence in the international literary scene. In 2021, Nazli was honored as a fellow of the Writers-in-Exile program by the German PEN, providing her with a platform to continue her work and advocate for freedom of expression. Additionally, she was selected as a scholar of the Master of Human Rights program at Friedrich Alexander University for the next two years, further amplifying her impact on human rights advocacy.

In summary, Nazli Karabıyıkoğlu is a literary force, an unyielding advocate for change, and a fearless explorer of complex human experiences. Her work transcends borders, inspiring readers to question, reflect, and embrace the power of storytelling as a catalyst for transformation. She stands as a symbol of resilience and hope, sparking conversations and driving progress on the path toward a more inclusive and compassionate world.

Photography: Maximilian Gödecke

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