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Workshop: Queer Writing Unbound / Politics of Language, Literature and Theory

CSD Nüremberg will take place 22.07-08.08 2021 with the motto “QUEER EUROPE – YOU HAVE THE CHOICE!”. For the Pride Week, Nazli Karabiyikoglu will be conducting a writing workshop.


Date and Time: 02. Aug., 18:00 – 21:00

Address: Haus Eckstein, Burgstraße 1-3, 90403 Nürnberg, Deutschland


Everybody has a story and this story unique to them. Some of us prefer to read and try to find the similar stories with ours, some of us just don’t want to seek for it but write it ourselves. As Queers, members of diverse LGBTQAI+ communities coming from different backgrounds, living in different countries and speaking lots of different languages, we may ask a question: Do we have a Queer Canon that defines us, describes us that is intersectional, for all of us? The main goal is to ask and gather answers to questions like these at the first step: What is Queer Writing? How do politics of language and everyday life affect literary theories? What do we understand when we say Queer Theory and Queer literature? Most importantly, what makes a text Queer? Is it just about a Queer Slang or a character who is queer? Along with narrative theories and samples from World Literature, the possibilities and boundaries of language will be discussed among the workshop group as well as writing processes of queer texts. Participants who are willing to attend the last session of the workshop are expected to write a short text. The quality of the writing is not our concern.

Participation is free.

Workshop is limited by 14 people


Detailed Program:

Session I: 45 mins

  • What do we talk about when we say, “Queer Writing”?
  • Is there a distinct narrative theory for the “Queer Writing”?
  • What is Queer theory all about, how do theory and literature affect each other? (The affective politics of Queerness)

15 min – break

Session II: 45 mins

  • Queer Literature from then and now
  • Sample reading – (Two short texts from different centuries)
  • A short discussion about the text

15 min – break

Session III: 1 Hour

  • Participants who are willing to write and discuss about their texts are welcomed.
  • 30 mins of real-time writing
  • 30 mins of reading and discussing the text written during the workshop

Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is interested in Literature.

Important notes:

  • Workshop will be held in English.
  • For the last session: The Author can read texts in both Turkish and English in order to discuss and give feedback.


Please visit CSD Nüremberg’s official page to learn more about the program.


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    I would like to participate 🙂

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