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Just A Perfect Day: I’m Glad I’ve Spent It Writing

I am a full-time writer thanks to my decision I took four years ago when I was wasting my time in corporates. Since then my routine changed a lot, in time I realized that I am working harder than my corporate days. First thing to be said about my writing routine/day is the pleasure of being free and independent. Every single day I wake up and thank universe/karma/god -whatever it is- for living in such freedom to create.

When saying full-time writer, I really mean that. I don’t need a laptop or paper-pen to write, especially when I am in nature. So, my typical writing day has two categories: One, when I am at a country side or travelling, I take several mind-notes to process and use when I create something. I find this process the strongest part of writing because the core of any story is built upon what you have got in your hard-drive. I don’t push myself to write everything I perceive, but to feel all the elements of nature.

Second, -this is the cruelest part- I always know the times that I should -I must- stay at home and start to work. These crazy days consume nearly eight months of a year. Normally, I work at nights, sleep like three to four hours, get up, take a walk and keep writing. This may sound harsh but not for me. This is my way of existence. And if I am not on writing state, I do editorial stuff or just read.

I don’t have a writer’s desk to show off, since I left it in Turkey. I don’t have a proper study-room but I can work on any desk, any room, any environment, the world is my study-room. I can work on grass, on top of a plane or under the roof of an elephant shelter. As long as I have the freedom of speech and freedom to write, I will keep on writing.

Note: Since I don’t have a proper writer’s desk, I am sharing my favorite writing position ever.


This interview was conducted byRob McLennan and published on My Small Press Writing Day‘s site on November 10, 2019.

Illustration: BoWo

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